Dubai’s Patient Safety Secret: Role of NABIDH & DHA’s DDC Code

Dubai is leading the way for healthcare initiatives worldwide and setting high standards for the industry. This is a result of Dubai Health Authority‘s (DHA) exceptional dedication to providing the highest quality of healthcare, powered by the best-in-class drug safety standards, cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, and connected care through a unified health information exchange platform. These initiatives have elevated Dubai to new heights, making it the hub of healthcare technology and innovation. Out of the many contributing factors there are two that deserve a special mention: DHA’s NABIDH platform and DDC code. In this article, we will explore these factors and analyze how they help elevate the healthcare industry in Dubai.


How do NABIDH and DHA’s DDC Code enhance the quality of healthcare in Dubai? Before answering this question, it’s crucial to understand what these terms entail.


NABIDH, short for National Backbone for Integrated Dubai Health, is a DHA initiative to unify electronic health records of patients over a centralized platform which can be accessed by healthcare providers across Dubai. The aim of the NABIDH platform is to elevate the quality of healthcare in the emirate.

Dubai Drug Code

The DDC code, or Dubai Drug Code is a unique 10-digit identifier assigned to each drug registered with the Dubai Health Authority for use in Dubai. This code is a combination of letters and  numbers, and incorporates a number of details about the drug and its administration. The DDC code system was implemented by the DHA to standardize medication coding and to improve medication safety. The DDC Code list is regularly updated to reflect changes in availability, pricing, and other information. The DDC code contains information about the drug’s active ingredients, strength, dosage form, route of administration, pack size, price, manufacturer, registered owner, source, etc.

Advantages of DHA’s NABIDH & DDC Initiatives

NABIDH Benefits

DHA’s NABIDH platform offers several benefits for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

  • For patients, it means that their healthcare provider will have one electronic medical file with all their medical reports safely stored, and that when the patient moves from one facility to another, the medical file will follow.
  • For healthcare providers it gives instant access to patient health records including reports, allergies, past illnesses medications, etc., enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis. It eliminates the need for redundant tests, facilitates personalized treatment plans for the patients, eliminates medical errors, and improves treatment outcomes.
  • For healthcare facilities, this system streamlines workflow, eliminates the need for paperwork, saves time and resources, and reduces costs.

Benefits of  DDC Codes

There are several benefits to using DDC codes, including:

  • Improved medication safety- DDC codes help to reduce medication errors by ensuring that the correct medication is dispensed to the correct patient.
  • More efficient healthcare- DDC codes can help to streamline healthcare processes, such as prescribing, dispensing, and billing.
  • Better data analysis- DDC codes can be used to track medication use patterns and identify potential drug interactions.

The Significance of DHA’s DDC & NABIDH

DHA’s NABIDH platform and DDC represent distinct yet interrelated strategies that play their unique role in improving healthcare delivery and outcomes in Dubai. These strategies work together to deliver standardized practices across the healthcare sector in Dubai, ensuring efficiency, equity and highest quality in healthcare delivery. The table below shows the individual roles of NABIDH and DDC in achieving the desired quality and standard of care across the emirate of Dubai.

Role of NABIDH & DDC Code in Dubai’s Healthcare Ecosystem




NABIDH  – National health information exchange system- A unified platform for health information exchange – Enables secure exchange of health information among stakeholders

– Tracks prescriptions and dispenses controlled drugs through a Unified Electronic Platform

– Provides information security framework.

– Improves patient safety.

– Reduces healthcare costs

– Enhances quality of care.

DDC Code – Used in electronic billing, claims processing, drug identification, and tracking. – Ensures accurate drug identification

– Facilitates inventory management and monitoring of drug usage.

– Ensures accurate and complete prescriptions.

– Enhances medication safety.

– Supports inventory control

– Contributes to overall patient well-being.

 Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) NABIDH platform and the DDC code play a key role in improving healthcare quality, patient safety, and overall efficiency of care in Dubai. They not only ensure standardized practices, efficiency, equity, and the highest quality of care across the emirate of Dubai, but also contribute to the greater goal of making Dubai a global benchmark for healthcare excellence.

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