Health Level Seven CDA Release 2.0 (HL7 CDA R2)

Health Level Seven CDA
Release 2.0 (HL7 CDA R2): HL7 CDA R2 provides an exchange model for clinical
documents (such as discharge summaries and progress notes)
– and brings the healthcare industry closer to the realization of
an electronic medical record. By leveraging the use of XML, the
HL7 Reference Information Model (RIM) and coded
vocabularies, the CDA makes documents both machinereadable – so they are easily parsed and processed
electronically – and human-readable – so they can be easily
retrieved and used by the people who need them. CDA
documents can be displayed using XML-aware Web browsers
or wireless applications such as cell phones. The product of 5
years of improvements, CDA R2 body is based on the HL7 Clinical Statement model, is fully RIM-compliant and capable of
driving decision support and other sophisticated applications,
while retaining the simple rendering of legally authenticated narrative