How DHA NABIDH Helps You Take Control of Your Health

Dubai Health Authority’s NABIDH program is completely transforming healthcare experience, by making it truly patient-centric. Short for National Backbone for Integrated Dubai Health, NABIDH is DHA’s initiative for seamless health information exchange between healthcare providers in Dubai. It has been designed to help you take over the reins of your medical journey, and gives you complete control over your health. This article is an attempt to understand how NABIDH is accomplishing this and how you can make the most of it.

NABIDH: Your Ticket to Personalized Healthcare

The NABIDH platform has simplified health information sharing between healthcare providers, and facilitates the secure exchange of medical records. This instant access to patient health information is a game-changer in healthcare owing to the unmatched power it offers.

Integrating NABIDH with healthcare facilities not only helps centralize health information, but also optimizes its use to enhance patient care. Wondering how?

NABIDH connects public and private facilities, and ensures continuity of care. So, whichever facility you walk into, your complete medical history and all your health records and medical information are available for doctors to access and view instantly. No more carrying bulky medical files every time you visit a doctor!

NABIDH ensures compliance with adopted policies and standards in order to safeguard patient and provider privacy. This improves convenience and care and allows efficient and safe management of electronic health information.

How NABIDH Works

DHA’s NABIDH platform operates over a secure network that enables authorized healthcare providers to access your health records securely. Your doctors can therefore view your health information including your medical history, diagnostic reports, treatment plans, and all other relevant information through encrypted connections.

How does this help you?

With this centralized repository of health information, NABIDH enables comprehensive care coordination. This means, you can get instant access to quality healthcare, supported by your complete medical history and health records, thus facilitating informed medical decisions and continuity of care.

NABIDH Benefits for Patients

NABIDH offers a whole lot of benefits, not just for healthcare providers, but for patients too:

  • One Medical Record, No More Bulky Files: NABIDH simplifies access to your medical file and allows your doctor to view it anywhere, anytime, using a computer or a mobile device. So, you don’t have to carry all your paper files every time you see a doctor.
  • Better Communication with Your Doctor: It facilitates communication between you and your healthcare provider by allowing you to send messages, book appointments, and do much more through the NABIDH platform.
  • Timely, Effective Care, Better Outcomes: It gives you quick and timely access to care by providing your doctor with a comprehensive view of your medical history, instantly. This enables accurate diagnosis and empowers your doctor to deliver the best care tailored to your unique needs.

How NABIDH Helps you Take Control of Your Health

1. NABIDH Improves Your Healthcare Experience.

NABIDH is designed with a view that better information means better care. Therefore, the platform supports efficient and safe delivery of care through your unified, comprehensive medical record.

2. NABIDH Supports Your Care Plan.

When you visit a NABIDH-compliant facility, your medical record becomes a part of NABIDH, unless you decide to opt-out of the program. Once you’re on board, NABIDH empowers you, your physician, and the care team with the knowledge of your health history, so that you get the best care possible.

3. NABIDH Keeps Your Records Safe.

Patient data security is paramount in NABIDH. Your health information is securely stored in electronic form, allowing you to control your health data through permissions. Only those authorized to access your records can do so.

4. NABIDH Accompanies You Wherever You Go.

Your health record is available and accessible to all doctors on the NABIDH network. So, even if you have to visit another facility, or meet a specialist, your medical information is readily available to them.

5. NABIDH Gives You Control.

You can experience better coordinated care since your unified medical record is accessible to your physician easily. However, you can decide whether to remain on the NABIDH network or opt out of NABIDH. So, you’re always in complete control.

How NABIDH Enhances Your Healthcare Experience

  • Quick Registration- You can easily create an account online or at a participating facility, and enable instant access to your health information.
  • Easy Access to Medical Records and Test Results- NABIDH allows you to view all your medical information in a few clicks.
  • User-Friendly Navigation- The NABIDH patient portal is designed to help you browse effortlessly, making it easy for you to locate specific information.

NABIDH has redefined healthcare in Dubai, and continues to unfurl a number of opportunities for improvement, for providers and patients alike. With the numerous benefits that NABIDH provides, you can become an active participant in your healthcare journey and take full control of your health and well-being.