How Does the DHA NABIDH Complaints Process Work?

Healthcare is all about patient satisfaction and experience. Hence, while providing the best care to patients, every healthcare facility must also focus on addressing their concerns and grievances promptly. Recognizing this need, Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) NABIDH system has a comprehensive process for complaints from patients, so that all their concerns are addressed with due care and attention.

Addressing & Redressing Patient Grievances

Whether it’s a minor inconvenience or a serious security incident involving a patient’s safety and well-being, every healthcare facility should have a structured process to handle complaints. This is crucial to foster accountability and transparency, and to build and strengthen patient trust. DHA also enables patients to register complaints for issues concerning NABIDH Health Information Exchange (HIE). The NABIDH official website contains a downloadable document explaining the Complaints Process. Read on, to get a quick overview of how the process works.

Handling NABIDH-Related Complaints

Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Customer Happiness Department is the body that receives complaints. If the complaint is regarding NABIDH HIE, then it is forwarded to the Health Information and Smart Health (HISH) Department within DHA.

HISH accepts complaints from patients, healthcare providers, and participating organizations, on issues relating to NABIDH data privacy and management.

For all other complaints, patients have to contact DHA Wassel Sotak through [email protected].

Confidentiality & Patient Protection

All complaints received by DHA are treated as private, confidential, and protected. Complaint-related information and documents are stored in a secure location, and can be accessed only by authorized personnel in the HISH department.

DHA NABIDH’s Non-Retaliation Policy

Patients and patient advocates filing complaints are assured that neither the NABIDH team nor users will retaliate, discriminate against them, or intimidate, coerce, or otherwise reprise them in connection with filing the complaint.

How to Lodge a Complaint with DHA NABIDH

Complaints can be lodged via phone by calling the number provided in the Complaints Process Document, or by sending an email to [email protected]. The complaint should contain all necessary details including the Facility Name, DHA Facility License Number, Full Name of the

DHA NABIDH’s Complaint-Handling Procedure

  1. Stage One – Front Line Resolution
  • Minor complaints are resolved within five working days, with immediate action or apology.
  • If unresolved, the complainant is informed about the next steps.
  1. Stage Two – Investigation
  • Deals with unresolved or complex complaints that require further investigation
  • The Patient Data Privacy Committee acknowledges receipt within five working days.
  • If necessary, the committee discusses the complaint with the complainant, to understand the reason for dissatisfaction, and to know what kind of a resolution is expected.
  • A full response is provided within 30 working days, with updates on progress if delays occur.


Some of the complaints registered may not be processed or considered under the following circumstances:

  • Complaints that have not completed/fulfilled the procedure
  • Complaints about events that occurred more than a year ago
  • Complaints that are being addressed in court

The DHA has a well-structured, confidential process in place that ensures effective resolution while maintaining data privacy. This process is committed to NABIDH’s objectives of patient-centric care and transparency, and empowers patients to voice their concerns freely.

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