How NABIDH Revolutionizes Emergency Healthcare in Dubai

In a medical emergency, timely care is crucial. While getting to the hospital quickly is important, doctors also need to be able to determine the cause of the emergency rapidly. This is why it’s essential for doctors to have the complete medical history of a patient readily available. NABIDH, DHA’s innovative health information platform, addresses this need, transforming the way medical emergencies are handled in healthcare facilities.

NABIDH- What It Is & What It’s Not 

NABIDH is a ground-breaking innovation in the realm of medical technology, and is all set to revolutionize emergency care in Dubai. NABIDH is not just another medical database. It’s an advanced platform that is designed for healthcare professionals to exchange patient health information. It gives them instant access to patients’ medical records in just a few clicks.

 With NABIDH, healthcare providers can access patients’ medical histories instantly, at the time of need. With a comprehensive view of the patient’s health condition, doctors can arrive at a diagnosis faster and also provide more accurate treatment during emergencies. What’s more, this system facilitates better communication between healthcare facilities and enables care providers to exchange critical health information promptly. This translates to better health outcomes and improved efficiency.

What This Means

 Instant access to medical records at the critical moments of an emergency means that doctors have all the medical information they need about a patient, at their fingertips. Within seconds, they have a complete picture of the patient’s allergies, past surgeries, current medications, test reports, and all other lifesaving details. This enables them to make well-informed decisions quickly and effectively. 

NABIDH: The Game-Changer 

NABIDH creates a unified medical record system where all digital records are connected and made easily accessible to patients as well as their care teams. By providing reliable, relevant, and the most recent health data to doctors at the time of an emergency, NABIDH facilitates faster diagnosis, personalized care, and better outcomes.

 A recent Gulf News report details how ‘NABIDH ensures doctors know your medical history instantly’, how it works in an emergency situation, and how the Emirates ID can be used to access the patient’s medical record. Here are some useful pointers from the report that help understand the power of NABIDH, and its crucial role during a medical emergency:

  • Patients who visit NABIDH-connected facilities and have consented to sharing their medical information over the platform can benefit the most from NABIDH.
  • The shared information contains the patient’s demographics, allergies, vitals, medical history, procedures, lab results, clinical documents, reports, immunizations, medical orders, and insurance details.
  • It also includes the patient’s Emirates ID, mobile number, date of birth, and nationality.
  • Not all hospitals and clinics are currently connected to NABIDH. But the network is steadily growing, and will soon include all facilities and healthcare providers in Dubai.
  • During medical emergencies, NABIDH allows healthcare providers to securely access the patient’s comprehensive medical information, enabling them to deliver prompt, personalized care.
  • Patients should remember that opting out of NABIDH may result in delayed access to medical information even during emergencies.

NABIDH’s objectives and benefits are not restricted to emergency healthcare alone. Here are some other ways in which NABIDH redefines healthcare in Dubai: 

  • No more time-consuming paperwork since NABIDH provides real-time access to medical records. Vital health information can no longer be lost in transit.
  • The NABIDH network spans across healthcare facilities in Dubai, enabling seamless communication, collaboration, and information exchange among medical professionals. Whether it’s a local clinic or a specialized hospital, the patient’s medical history is readily available to those who need it the most.
  • NABIDH empowers patients in ways more than one. With instant access to their health information, they can track their health history, schedule appointments, communicate with doctors, and take full control of their health.

 DHA’s NABIDH platform not only improves communication and collaboration between healthcare providers, but it takes on the role of a life-saver during medical emergencies. By providing instant access to critical health information about patients at the right time, NABIDH enables healthcare professionals to expedite care, and revolutionizes the way medical emergencies are handled.