Integrating NABIDH with Malaffi and Riayati


The United Arab Emirates has been focusing on improving the healthcare experience for the patients in the country.

A major milestone in this direction has been the decision taken to integrate the three major platforms such as Malaffi, NABIDH and Riayati with the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR). This was announced at the Arab Health forum for healthcare professionals in February 2023.

During this meeting, the authorities from the Ministry of Health and Prevention reaffirmed the commitment to advancing the health sector in line with the vision of the wise leadership, elevating the healthcare system to the highest levels and strengthening cooperation and partnerships aligned with the United Arab Emirates’ future vision of becoming a global leader in healthcare quality.

While Malaffi from Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health has achieved a significant maturity level over the past few years, Dubai Health Authority’s NABIDH platform is also fast catching up. Integrating these with Riayati, which is a digital health care platform for the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR) program will ensure that close to 2 billion medical records of almost 10 million patients are now available to close to 100,000 health service providers across over 3000 medical facilities.

This integration aims to enhance the quality of medical services and ensure continuity of care in the UAE. It signifies a significant achievement in the country’s healthcare sector, reflecting the digital transformation strategy to establish a sustainable and efficient healthcare system that delivers exceptional services to patients.

Once this is done it will mark an important milestone in enabling the safe exchange of vital patient health information in real-time and creating a centralized database of unified patient records.

Airtabat is excited to be playing a role in this by helping healthcare facilities in their NABIDH compliance journey.

More details about these announcements and the integrations are available at the respective official websites:

UAE Health Authorities announce successful integration between “Riayati”, “Malaffi”, and “Nabidh”