Making the Most of NABIDH EMR- Tips to Train Your Healthcare Team

The use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has dramatically transformed the healthcare scenario worldwide. It has elevated the quality of healthcare delivery by enabling more timely and efficient patient care. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has taken this transformation one step further, to integrate all patient health information on a single platform to facilitate sharing of health information between healthcare professionals and facilities. However, integrating NABIDH EMR into the healthcare system is just the beginning. The true challenge lies in maximizing the benefits of NABIDH integration. This is why, it is important to make sure your team is well-trained in the use of NABIDH EMR. How can you achieve this? Let’s find out.



Let’s first answer this most rudimentary question- NABIDH EMR refers to the Electronic Medical Records of patients in Dubai, shared and exchanged between healthcare professionals, facilities, their associates, and patients, over a common, centralized platform. The NABIDH platform is a system of health information exchange that has been formulated with the aim to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare in Dubai, and to enhance treatment outcomes. This system promotes operational efficiency among healthcare facilities and allows easy access to authorized healthcare providers whenever and wherever needed.


How to Train Your Team to Make the Most of NABIDH EMR

NABIDH EMR can be a powerful tool when leveraged to its full potential. This requires effective and seamless NABIDH integration into your facility’s healthcare system. When done well, this can bring about a plethora of benefits ranging from achieving cost reduction to minimizing medical errors. So how can you train your team to make the most of this potent tool?  

  1. Start by creating awareness about NABIDH EMR. NABIDH may be a trending topic in your healthcare facility owing to all the compliance requirements associated with it. But this does not necessarily mean that all members of your organization fully understand the benefits of NABIDH integration, or why it is mandatory. So spread the word. Conduct awareness sessions and have experts explain the significance of the NABIDH program and the benefits that come with it.
  1. Assess the requirements. Not all your staff will need the same level of training. So evaluate how familiar they are with the NABIDH EMR system, and come up with customized training plans for each group, to ensure the gaps in their knowledge are filled. Also identify the specific roles that require special training. For instance, admin staff may require training for a different set of roles and responsibilities as compared to the team of healthcare professionals. Design your training programs to align with the job functions and access levels of different teams in your healthcare facility.
  1. Get NABIDH EMR experts to train your staff. Choose your trainers well. Staff training is a substantial investment both in terms of time and money. So make sure you have the best trainers to handle the process. Evaluate the number of hours required for training each team so that the allocation of time and resources is done accordingly.  Determine the most suitable training method for each group. Should you opt for on-site training so that learning takes place in a face-to-face and hands on set up? Or is online training more suited for busy professionals allowing them to access the training material at their own pace? Answer these questions to make your training program more successful.
  1. Monitor progress and offer ongoing support. Keep track of the training process and get regular updates from your team about its progress. Identify areas that need extra attention and adjust the training to accommodate changes. NABIDH integration is not an overnight process. So encourage your team to put in consistent effort in optimizing the use of NABIDH EMR.  Provide support on a continuous basis and give your staff access to the training resources for long-term use.
  1. Emphasize the commitment to data security. The importance of patient data privacy and security can never be overemphasized. It has to remain a top priority at all times. So integrate the best practices for data privacy and security into your training program. Make sure your staff is well-informed and well-trained in adhering to the legal and ethical requirements of patient data security and confidentiality.

NABIDH integration can completely transform the healthcare scenario by enhancing patient experience, healthcare delivery, and treatment outcomes. However, the success of this transformation depends on the competence of your staff members in using NABIDH EMR and harnessing its capabilities to the best extent possible. While your healthcare facility may look ready to embrace this change, only a full-fledged training program can help you maximize the benefits of this powerful system.