NABIDH Policies 101: Demystifying NABIDH Policies Series

As a part of NABIDH initiative, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has released a series of policies that help healthcare facilities understand and also create awareness to their patients (subject of care) on how to use NABIDH to improve the overall patient experience.

Airtabat has been involved in helping healthcare facilities in this journey to becoming NABIDH compliant.

Airtabat will release a series of articles called ‘NABIDH Policies 101 – Demystifying Series’ where in every article one specific policy will be handled.

Today’s article is about the overall NABIDH framework and how it is beneficial to everyone involved.

NABIDH aims at making it easier for healthcare facilities to access the data of patients who have provided their consent, so the healthcare professionals can provide better service and a better healthcare experience for the patients.

Similar initiative has been launched in Abu Dhabi under the Malaffi framework. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has come up with the concept of Riayati, with the goal of making sure that as a part of National Unified Medical Records (NUMR), all patient data across the country is available to all the healthcare professionals.

As a part of NABIDH, every patient who agrees to be a part of it, will be expected to ‘opt-in’ to the NABIDH platform. This will be handled when they visit a healthcare facility which has signed up for NABIDH. The patient (also known as subject of care) has the option to ‘opt-out’ of NABIDH also, if they are not comfortable with their personally identifiable data being shared on the platform. If they opt-in, they can also provide consent on who can access their data on their behalf. The healthcare facilities are expected to provide necessary awareness to the patients so they understand the importance and the benefits of NABIDH.

In order to become NABIDH compliant, healthcare facilities in Dubai have to complete a series of tasks, which are grouped under various policies by DHA. One of the key requirements in this is finding the right EMR that is already NABIDH compliant. Once the EMR integration is completed, there are other steps to be taken in order to be fully compliant with NABIDH.

Airtabat assists healthcare facilities in this journey to become NABIDH compliant. If you are a healthcare facility and need assistance, please reach out to us for a free consultation using the contact details given on the page.