19 NABIDH Related Clinical Data and Coding Terminology Standards

NABIDH aims to at providing necessary NABIDH standards for implementing and managing Health Information Exchange among DHA licensed healthcare providers in the Emirate of Dubai. These standards are used to standardize nomenclatures and code sets used to describe clinical problems and procedures, medications and allergies. All health care facilities have to be in compliance with NABIDH Published Standards.

In order to accomplish this objective, the following are the interoperability and data exchange standards defined under NABIDH:


Standard Name Publisher Standard For HCF Required/Optional
ICD 10-CM (2012) International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification CMS & HCHS Diagnosis/Disease Coding Required
CPT 4 (2012) Current Procedural Terminology AMA Procedures – medical, surgical and diagnostic services Required
HCPCS Level II (2012) Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II CMS & AMA Supplies, Disposable and Consumables Required
CDT (2011-2012) Current Dental Terminology ADA Dental procedures and related services Required
UNS (2018) Universal Numbering System (Dental) ADA Observations to a specific tooth Required
DDC Dubai Drug Code DHA Drugs and related (medications) Required
LOINC Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes RI Laboratory and Clinical Observations Optional
SNOMEDCT (2013) Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms IHSTDO Comprehensive clinical granularity, used to capture problem list, allergies, diagnosis, procedures etc Optional
RxNorm “normalized” notations for clinical drugs NLM Clinical drugs and drug delivery devices Optional
IR-DRG International Refined Diagnosis Related Groups CMS Hospital coding/inpatient hospital payment Optional
CVX Clinical Vaccines Administered IISSB The type of product used in an immunization Optional