NABIDH: The Key to Dubai’s Healthcare Digitization Journey

Welcome to a visionary realm where your entire medical history seamlessly navigates across hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies with just a click. Bid farewell to the days of fumbling through paper records and repeating allergies – welcome to the era of NABIDH, the pulsating core of Dubai’s bold healthcare digitization endeavor. Prepare for a riveting exploration of NABIDH’s features, advantages, and its transformative influence on Dubai’s healthcare landscape.

Unveiling the Power of NABIDH

A city where innovation meets healthcare, where technology empowers patients and transforms care delivery. This is the vision behind NABIDH, the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) groundbreaking initiative for a unified electronic medical record (EMR) system. NABIDH has become the cornerstone of Dubai’s healthcare digitization journey, promising a future of seamless care, improved health outcomes, and empowered citizens.

What is NABIDH?

Think of NABIDH as a secure digital vault, storing your complete medical history, accessible to authorized healthcare providers across Dubai. This includes everything from prescriptions and lab reports to allergies and immunizations. With NABIDH, your medical data travels with you, eliminating the need for paper records and facilitating better continuity of care.

Key Features and Benefits

NABIDH isn’t just about convenience; it’s about unlocking a world of possibilities for patients, healthcare providers, and the public health system. Here are just a few of its key features and benefits:

Streamlined Patient Care: No more repeating medical history at every visit! With NABIDH, doctors have instant access to your complete medical record, enabling faster diagnosis, more informed treatment decisions, and reduced redundancy in tests and procedures.

Enhanced Medical Research: NABIDH serves as a treasure trove of anonymized medical data, facilitating robust research studies on disease patterns, treatment effectiveness, and public health interventions. This translates to improved healthcare policies and better preventive strategies for the entire population.

Improved Public Health Management: Real-time access to anonymized data empowers public health authorities to track disease outbreaks, identify high-risk groups, and implement targeted interventions. This leads to a more proactive approach to public health, ultimately saving lives and improving community well-being.

Empowering Patients: NABIDH puts you in control of your health information. You can easily access your medical records, share them securely with authorized providers, and even track your health trends over time. This empowers you to make informed decisions about your healthcare and participate actively in your own well-being.

NABIDH’s Future Vision

NABIDH’s impact is already evident and it has significantly improved healthcare efficiency and patient satisfaction in Dubai. Looking ahead, NABIDH’s vision is ambitious. The platform aims to integrate with other emirates, creating a unified national EMR system for the UAE. Additionally, plans are underway to expand NABIDH’s functionalities to include appointment booking, telemedicine consultations, and personalized health recommendations.

A Digital Future for Dubai’s Healthcare

NABIDH is more than just a platform; it’s a revolution in how we approach healthcare in Dubai. By connecting patients, providers, and public health authorities through a secure and efficient digital network, NABIDH is paving the way for a future of personalized, seamless, and data-driven care. This not only benefits individual patients but also strengthens the entire healthcare ecosystem, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for the entire population.


1. Is my data safe in NABIDH?

Absolutely! NABIDH adheres to strict data privacy and security regulations, ensuring your information is protected with the latest encryption technologies and access controls.

2. How do I access my NABIDH record?

You can access your NABIDH record through the DHA app or online portal. Simply register and log in using your Emirates ID.

3. Can I share my NABIDH record with other providers?

Yes, you can securely share your NABIDH record with other authorized providers by granting them temporary access.

4. Is there a cost to use NABIDH?

Currently, accessing your own NABIDH record is free of charge. However, there may be fees associated with specific services, such as sharing your record with a non-DHA provider.

5. How do I learn more about NABIDH?

Visit the DHA website or download the NABIDH app for comprehensive information, FAQs, and contact details.