NABIDH: Transforming Dubai’s Healthcare with Health Informatics Magic

Envision a healthcare system where your medical records aren’t dispersed among various hospitals, clinics, and specialists; a system where smooth transitions between healthcare providers is made possible, with your complete medical history easily accessible to them. Step into the realm of NABIDH, a groundbreaking platform reshaping Dubai’s healthcare landscape through the fusion of health informatics.

In Dubai, a city renowned for innovation, a transformative change is underway in healthcare. Say goodbye to fragmented medical records and the exasperation of dealing with information silos. Health informatics, the convergence of healthcare and technology, is revolutionizing Dubai’s healthcare system through the innovative platform: NABIDH.

NABIDH- Where Your Unified Medical Record is Secure and Accessible

Think of NABIDH as your personal health vault, accessible 24/7 across various healthcare providers in Dubai. This secure online platform stores your complete medical history, including:

  • Medical reports: Prescriptions, lab results, imaging scans, and more – all in one place.
  • Immunization records: No more scrambling for lost records, ensuring timely vaccinations.
  • Medications: Avoid dangerous drug interactions with complete medication history visibility.
  • Allergies: Flag allergies prominently, safeguarding you from potential reactions.

But NABIDH doesn’t just store information; it empowers you to manage it. You can:

  • View and download your records: Gain complete control over your health data.
  • Grant access to healthcare providers: Share your records seamlessly for informed treatment decisions.
  • Set privacy preferences: Decide who can access your information and for what purpose.

Benefits for Patients: Empowering You with Knowledge and Efficiency

NABIDH isn’t just a data repository; it’s a patient empowerment tool. With your consolidated medical history at your fingertips, you can:

  • Make informed healthcare decisions: Understand your health journey with readily available data.
  • Reduce medical errors: Eliminate duplications and ensure medication safety with complete information access.
  • Improve continuity of care: Seamlessly transition between providers without information gaps.
  • Save time and resources: Skip redundant tests and paperwork and leverage transparent data sharing.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers: Collaboration, Clarity, and Streamlined Care

NABIDH isn’t just a boon for patients; it’s a game-changer for healthcare professionals:

  • Enhanced patient care: Access complete medical history for accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.
  • Improved collaboration: Share patient information securely with colleagues across institutions for better treatment plans.
  • Reduced administrative burden: Eliminate manual data entry and streamline documentation processes.
  • Data-driven insights: Analyze aggregated data to improve population health and resource allocation.

The Impact: Transforming Dubai’s Healthcare Ecosystem

NABIDH’s reach extends beyond individual patients and providers, impacting the entire healthcare ecosystem:

  • Improved healthcare quality: Standardized data promotes better clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.
  • Enhanced public health: Data analysis helps identify disease trends and implement preventive measures.
  • Reduced healthcare costs: Streamlined processes and information sharing minimize redundancies and waste.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: Improved access, communication, and transparency lead to better patient experiences.

NABIDH – A Gateway to a Future-proof Healthcare System

NABIDH is more than a platform; it’s a catalyst for change. By leveraging health informatics, Dubai is building a future-proof healthcare system that prioritizes patient empowerment, collaborative care, and data-driven decision-making. With NABIDH, Dubai is setting a global example, showcasing the transformative power of health informatics in creating a healthier, more efficient, and patient-centric future for all.


1. Is NABIDH mandatory?

NABIDH is currently not mandatory for patients, but most healthcare providers in Dubai use it. Opting out is possible, but it may limit your access to certain services.

2. How do I access my NABIDH records?

You can access your records through the DHA website or mobile app. You’ll need a UAE Pass or Emirates ID to register.

3. How secure is my information on NABIDH?

NABIDH utilizes robust security measures to protect your data.

4. Can I share my NABIDH records with a healthcare provider outside of Dubai?

Currently, sharing records outside of Dubai isn’t directly supported. However, you can download your records and share them manually with providers outside the platform.

5. Who can see my NABIDH records?

By default, only healthcare providers you grant access to can see your records. You can manage access permissions through the platform.