Sensitive Health Information

Sensitive Health
Information: Special categories of Health Information as identified by
NABIDH Operator that require additional restrictions on
disclosure and use as determined by NABIDH Operator from
time to time, which may include information regarding:
(a) Any Very Important Person (VIP) Subject of care
(which includes but is not limited to any VIP Subject
of care Data)
(b) Chemical dependency
(c) Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), also known as
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)/HIV/
AIDS status
(d) Mental health conditions
(e) Behavioral Health Information
(f) Psychotherapy Notes
(g) Alcohol and substance abuse
(h) Reproductive health
(i) Genetic testing information
(j) Sexual health (including sexually transmitted
(k) Child pregnancy data
(l) Child abuse conditions