How to Access Patient Records Through NABIDH EMR

How do you picture yourself walking into a clinic? Clutching a folder brimming with medical reports from different labs, records from various clinics, and prescriptions from different doctors? These records hold vital clues about your health. Your doctor has to go through all of them to fairly determine your medical history- and it may still be based on fragmented information. This is the scenario NABIDH aims to change. With its promising abilities, NABIDH EMR enables seamless access to patient records and empowers doctors with a comprehensive view of your health, facilitating decision-making and treatment-tailoring.


Streamlining Healthcare with NABIDH EMR

DHA’s NABIDH is a health information exchange platform for healthcare providers in Dubai. It acts as a bridge connecting healthcare facilities and acts as a central repository of medical information that is catalogued systematically and readily accessible to doctors across facilities. So, there’s no more chasing paper trails and playing guessing games with incomplete medical information. NABIDH gives you access to the complete medical history of every patient, including their past illnesses, reports, diagnoses, treatments, medications, and allergies. All it takes is a few clicks for the doctor to understand your medical condition and provide timely treatment.


How to Unleash the Power of NABIDH EMR

Having understood how NABIDH EMR simplifies the initial steps for doctors, it’s crucial to make the most of its powerful capabilities. So, how can you best access NABIDH EMR seamlessly and make the most of it? Here are some key steps to follow:


  1. Assess the existing medical record system in your facility.

    If your EMR is already HIE-enabled through one of the NABIDH-recommended EMR platforms, then you’re all set for NABIDH integration. If this is not the case, then don’t hesitate to bring a NABIDH integration service provider on board. This can simplify the process and ensure that all your medical records are safely integrated with NABIDH and readily accessible for doctors to take advantage of.


  1. Access patient medical records through a controlled and secure process.

    Once you’re on board NABIDH, doctors in your facility are given authorized access to patient health information through a NABIDH-recommended authentication and authorization process designed to protect patient privacy. This access is role-based and restricted. Only authorized healthcare professionals with the valid login credentials and role-based permissions can access these medical records. This ensures that health information can be viewed only by those who need it for providing the necessary care to patients.


  1. Retrieve patient health information through proper identification.

    Doctors in your facility can search for patients using their Emirates ID, passport number, or their unique medical record number created on NABIDH. The system then retrieves the medical records of the patient from the NABIDH database which includes data from all connected facilities in Dubai.


  1. Review and analyze patients’ medical history.

    Once the medical records of a patient are retrieved from the NABIDH system, doctors can analyze the reports, medications, prescriptions, allergies, clinical notes, and other vital information to arrive at a quick diagnosis and begin appropriate treatment.


Things to Remember While Accessing Patient Records Through NABIDH EMR

  1. Privacy, security, and safety of patient health information are of utmost importance to NABIDH.
  2. Access to patient medical records is controlled through an authentication and authorization process, without exception.
  3. Patient medical records are accessible to healthcare providers across various facilities in Dubai.
  4. Instant access to patient health information empowers doctors with enhanced capabilities including:


a. Quick diagnosis- Since NABIDH can retrieve reports and findings in a jiffy, doctors are equipped with the necessary medical information to make quick informed decisions.

b. Simplified referrals- When specialists have to take over your treatment, NABIDH makes it easier for your doctor to find and rope in the right specialist to ensure continuous, coordinated care.

c. Averting mishaps- NABIDH EMR keeps track of your allergies and drug reactions based on your medical history and enables your doctor to prevent adverse events.


NABIDH is more than just a technology platform. It’s a healthcare revolution that liberates doctors and healthcare facilities from the traditional method of care based on fragmented health information. It empowers them to elevate the quality of healthcare delivery and remarkably improves health outcomes. While DHA has provided a robust framework for safe and secure access to patient records over NABIDH EMR, the responsibility to maintain the safety and integrity of NABIDH patient health information lies with its users.


For more about access to patient records on NABIDH, and to streamline NABIDH EMR integration, get in touch with us today!