Expert Answers to Common NABIDH Questions

NABIDH has been in the forefront of healthcare transformation in Dubai. DHA’s effort to elevate healthcare delivery by unifying health information of patients over a centralized system has started to bear fruit. NABIDH EMR is helping healthcare providers improve patient care significantly. It’s quickly paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable healthcare ecosystem. However, just like any other system involving the use of technology, NABIDH comes with its fair share of challenges. Consequently, healthcare facilities, patients, and other NABIDH users have tons of questions waiting to be answered. In this article, let’s address some of the most common NABIDH questions.

DHA’s Answers to Commonly Asked NABIDH Questions

  1. What is NABIDH?

NABIDH is a unified platform for health information exchange in Dubai, which allows healthcare providers to share and exchange medical records of patients over a safe and secure system. All DHA-licenced healthcare providers in Dubai are required to connect their facility’s EMR system with NABIDH. 

  1. Do I have to pay to access NABIDH?

No. NABIDH is Dubai Health Authority’s free initiative that aims to integrate and elevate Dubai’s healthcare ecosystem. This is a free platform that all healthcare providers in Dubai can benefit from. 

  1. How to create a NABIDH account/get onboarded to NABIDH?

Contact the Dubai Health Authority, or visit their website and follow their onboarding steps. The first step is to check your NABIDH Readiness Score. Once your onboarding request has been approved, you will receive an email from DHA with details about your developer account. With this account you can add multiple users and developers to start the NABIDH integration process in your facility.

  1. Do I need multiple accounts if I manage multiple healthcare facilities?

No. NABIDH allows large healthcare facilities with multiple EMRs or providers managing several facility groups to monitor all of them under one account. 

  1. What should I do if I have forgotten my NABIDH password?

You can visit the Login section of the NABIDH developer portal and reset your password by clicking ‘Forgot Password’. You will then be asked to enter your email address, to which a password reset link will be sent. You can use this link to create a new password. 

  1. How can I reach the NABIDH team if I have any queries about NABIDH or need additional information?

For all technical queries concerning NABIDH integration you can directly send a message to the technical support team through the ‘Contact Us’ screen found in the Developer portal. For all other queries you can call the DHA call centre (800 342) or email [email protected]

  1. What does it mean if the NABIDH screen does not get launched when I click the NABIDH EMR button?

This could either mean that the patient’s records you’re searching for are not available on NABIDH, or that the patient has not given consent to sharing medical records on NABIDH. However, this may occur even in case of technical issues, in which case your facility’s technical support team should be able to resolve it for you.

  1. What should I do if I find missing medications, or wrong records linking to a patient?

For inaccuracy in patient information or missing medications, make a note of the Medical Record Number (MRN) and raise a ticket with the DHA call centre (800 342) or email [email protected].

  1. Do healthcare facilities need a separate login each for Sheryan and NABIDH?

Sheryan, which is the digital gateway for registering healthcare professionals and facilities in Dubai, is integrated with NABIDH. Therefore, only those providers with a valid license can access NABIDH through a verification process. 

  1. Can insurance companies access clinical data through NABIDH?

No. Only authorized users of the NABIDH clinical portal, including doctors, nurses, DHA-licensed dentists, and other allied health professionals have access to NABIDH clinical data. 

  1. Can I download or print my patient’s data?

Yes, all authorized NABIDH clinical portal users including doctors, nurses, DHA-licensed dentists, and other allied health professionals can download and print patient data. 

  1. Can healthcare facilities use break-the-glass functionality to access patient records?

Yes, facilities can use the break-the-glass functionality to access patients’ sensitive data in case of an emergency. However, for those patients who have opted out of the NABIDH program, the data is anonymised and is not available even in case of an emergency.

  1. Can I access Radiology images in NABIDH?

No. Radiology images are not accessible in NABIDH. However, you can access radiology reports through NABIDH.

  1. Can my healthcare facility send VIP data to NABIDH?

No. VIP data cannot be shared in NABIDH. Every facility should take the responsibility of identifying VIP patients and filtering their data from being sent to NABIDH.

  1. Is my patient’s data well-protected in NABIDH?

Yes. NABIDH has stringent regulatory measures in place to protect patient health information. All NABIDH users are governed by NABIDH policies and standards, and compliance with these policies and standards is mandatory.

You can find answers to more questions related to NABIDH on DHA’s official website. Remember, NABIDH is a reminder that technology can be a powerful force in healthcare. By using technology wisely, it is possible to improve the quality of care, reduce costs, and make healthcare more accessible to everyone. As more healthcare providers connect to NABIDH and more data is shared, it is all set to become an even more powerful tool capable of redefining and elevating patient care to a whole new level.